Project Forth Works Index

Algorithms Random numbers, etc.
CRC-generation check whether a set of data, like a string, is unchanged and intact.
CRC-for-nRF24L01+ 16bit CRC CCITT as used in the nRF24L01+
CRC16 CRC-16 sample implementation
CRC32C 32bit CRC according to Castagnoli
CRC32_IEEE IEEE 32bit CRC standard protocol
CRC32_IEEE_TABLEBASED fast 32bit IEEE using tables
CRC32_KOOP 32bit CRC according to Philip Koopman
FFBASE instead of modifying the interpreter, this just loads on top
PiliPlop an algorithm to move multiple processes, to reach its targets together
noForth specific implementation of PiliPlop.
String handling primitive string handling in variations
XORshift Random-generator different random number implementations
ARM more on the ARM specific random implementation
GD32VF implementations for the Risc-V
mecrisp-quintus Marsaglia for Mecrisp-quintus
MSP430 implementations for the TI MSP430 series
Random Generator Completeness Test presented here is a test for completeness
Communication-Protocols SPI, I2C, Wireless, etc.
I2C Inter Integrated Circuit bus
Device-drivers for EEPROM, OLED, LCD, Clocks, etc.
LCD LCD drivers, character sets, etc.
20x4 char LCD using a PCF8574 I/O-expander as interface
OLED OLED drivers, character sets, etc.
GD32VF bitbang & hardware specific I2C implementations for the Risc-V
Mecrisp for Mecrisp (not ready).
noForth implementation & examples for noForth.
MSP430 bitbang & hardware specific I2C implementations for MSP430
noForth implementation for various MSP430 versions with EEPROM example for noForth.
Raspberry3B+ bitbang & hardware specific I2C implementation for BCM2835
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface
GD32VF SPI implementations for GD32VF103
mecrisp-quintus SPI for mecrisp including a BME280 & SD-card example
BME280 It is the testcase for the SPI code. It uses the **BME280** sensor chip.
noForth SPI for noForth including examples, OLED, Flash memory, etc.
MSP430 SPI implementations for MSP430
noForth With examples, WS2812 driver, OLED, Flash memory, etc.
Wireless-Communication Transceivers using different frequencies & protocols
Mesh-network Implementation example of an extensible node interpreter.
FR59xx noForth mesh network version
G2553-&-F149 noForth mesh network version
GD32VF103 noForth mesh network version
Generic-Forth version of the mesh network
nRf24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver from Nordic semiconductor
GD32VF implementation(s) of a nRF24L01+ driver for GD32VF103
noForth implementation of a nRf24L01+ driver
MSP430 implementation(s) of a nRF24L01+ driver for MSP430
noForth-FR59xx implementation of the nRF24L01+ driver with examples
noForth-G2553 & F149 implementation of the nRF24L01+ driver with examples
Curiosities Not so serious contributions but interesting and/or entertaining.
do_plusloop_curiosity A high level implementation of DO +LOOP with two limits
Data-Structures Primitive circular buffer, etc.
Array a simple one dimensional array with implicit indexing
Bit-Array an array with addressing of individual bits
noForth specific bit-array implementation.
Buffer a simple memory buffer
Primitive-Circular-Buffer a buffer with a single read/write pointer
noForth specific implementation using the Generic Forth approach.
Programming-Pearls Examples of idiomatic (Forth) programming style
2log The 2LOG routine converts a linear input into something with a more logarithmic character.
Population Count counting the number of set bits in a byte or word
condicompi process part of the program text depending on conditions and variants, ICE concept
day-of-the-week work with string sequences, map from number to string
print-hex print hex numbers with variable number of digits, w/o <# # #>
Programming-Tools Development support, helpers
dump a tool to display memory content
multiline-comments comment regions of text, nest-able
substitution-phrases phrases that replace well known but undefined words
Sensors Electronic sensors for measuring temperature, distance, etc.
Measuring-distance using ultrasonic and other sensors.
Reflection-sensors a sensor that uses (infrared) light to detect the presence of an object.
System-Software Assembler, Disassembler, etc.
Assemblers for ARM, MSP430, ...
ARMv8 assembler This is a basic ARMv8 Aarch32 assembler.
MSP430-assembler the noForth assembler...
disassemblers for MSP430, ...
MSP430-disassemblers the noForth disassembler basically
noForth resident noForth assembler.
User-Applications Games, Robotics, etc.
Simulations collect and discuss simulations.
COZY simulation of agents which, if given the chance, move to a place where they feel more at home.
Forest Fire computer generated fire